About Us

Welcome To MyMathTA

MyMathTA.com is an online math resource that provides the most efficient and effective way to learn math facts and basic math skills taught in Kindergarten through 5th Grade.

Our Step-By-Step animation videos are designed to give students the visual repetition that they need to understand, memorize, and master each individual step of math concepts. We ensure that students have the opportunity to catch up in key areas where they are behind and stay on track with new lessons that are presented in the classroom.

Our primary goal is to equip students with the foundation of math skills they will need to achieve college and career readiness in the subject of math.

Math Facts Are the Key to Early Math Success

When students haven’t memorized math facts:

  • They struggle to keep pace with lessons
  • They need more time to finish assignments
  • They are more likely to make costly errors
  • They often run out of time on standardized tests
  • They lose confidence in their overall ability

Why We Focus on Individual Math Steps

3 Keys to Math Success

1) Understand

Understand why each step is made in a step-by-step solution
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1) Understand

We ensure that students understand why each individual step is made when given a step-by-step illustration

2) Memorize

Memorize each step without seeing step-by-step solution
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2) Memorize

We utilize repetition so students can memorize how to complete each individual step on their own without a step-by-step solution

3) Maintain

Maintain speed & accuracy through each step under pressure
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We equip students with the speed & accuracy they need to maintain for success under the pressure of timed tests

Math as Kung Fu

  • Kung Fu (功夫) means “skill acquired through effort”
  • Math Fundamentals is the “Kung Fu” approach to math
  • Students practice until they develop mastery of any math skill
  • If students hesitate with mental math, they just need more practice
  • Consistency with daily practice is the key to achieving mastery