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Our mission is to leverage technology to democratize educational quality.

Testing vs Teaching


While there are several resources for practice and assessment for quickly identifying weaknesses, these resources have failed to provide a tool for quickly rectifying weaknesses.

We realize the greatest void has not been a tool for monitoring progress, but instead for a vastly more efficient way of making progress.

Efficiency Is the Key to Proficiency

“Almost all academic skills deficits can be conceptualized as learning rate problems as students are not failing to learn, but not learning rapidly enough.

“Students who are significantly below their peers are especially in need of instruction that is both effective and efficient given the time constraints of delivering instruction during the school day.”

“Even evidence-based instructional methods may not be sufficient for closing the achievement gaps if the procedures cannot be reasonably implemented within an allocated classroom time frame.”

“In other words, there are scientifically supported instructional strategies that work but are not efficient enough to allow students to catch up with their peers.”

“If teachers are not maximizing instructional time, achievement gaps are likely to widen over time; therefore, instruction need not only be effective but efficient as well.”

When students haven’t memorized math facts:

Why We Focus on Individual Math Steps

3 Keys to Math Success

1) Understand

Understand why each step is made in a step-by-step solution
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1) Understand

We ensure that students understand why each individual step is made when given a step-by-step illustration

2) Memorize

Memorize each step without seeing step-by-step solution
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2) Memorize

We utilize repetition so students can memorize how to complete each individual step on their own without a step-by-step solution

3) Maintain

Maintain speed & accuracy through each step under pressure
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3) Maintain

We equip students with the speed & accuracy they need to maintain for success under the pressure of timed tests

Based on 100+ Studies


Designed based on over 100+ studies on the efficiency and effectiveness of the use of worked examples and animation in instruction.  The most promising practices spanning four decades are incorporated in every video.